Armour of God

Armour of God

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THE ARMOUR OF GOD is written by Pastor Morike Akinsola.
It covers a wide range of topics aimed at establishing, building and strengthening the faith of the readers by deepening their true knowledge of the Trinity through an understanding of the attributes, abilities and power of the Godhead.


Each sermon begins with the definition of the words used and provides what the reader needs to do to attain the status depicted by characters, as well as the impediments and ends with applicable prayers.

It has eleven themes, ranging from How to establish a Christian faith, Christian living and virtues. Christian marriage and parenting, Holiness as a way of life, Nature of the Holy Spirit, Life challenges and how to go about it backed up with God's promises, Self-auditing as a control and How to prepare for eternity - heaven the final home of the saved.

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